Farewell Australia

We had to say goodbuy to our cooler (had to persuade Astrid)


sent a record 14.6 kg package but …
still have 3 checked bagagges and 5 handluggage.
After 4 times sending stuff home. This miracle deepens.


The trip here in Darwin was 1350 km. I never blogged about Litchfield NP and the misterious vanishing of the magnetic termite mounds and how Astrid found them.
Soon it is time to tell the censored story and another untold one about the car in Albany.

Farewell to all the nice people we met.
Goodbuy Australia

Now we are heading to Bali and then via Singapore to Cebu on the Philippines, see Ticker for details.

Currently after national but before international security. That opens only for the flight itself. Not big here.

Nitmiluk Gorge I & II

Katherine River, Nitmiluk Gorge “Ninit Dreaming 2 George Cruise” 9:00

We had the vessel for ourselves. Between Gorge 1 and 2 we had to change the boat.
Did I mention, the wet season is late that year, the water level is some meters below normal wet high (normally the boat just drives through).
Our own vessel & guide:

Pictures cannot really capture the beauty or I would have to post an entire album. One of these days I have to find a decent way to add movies. (main problem: I have only 500 M of traffic for a month. That is barely enough for 5 minutes footage).
Anway, gorge 2:


From the pictures we saw we were not impressed and not sure if we should go here. It really is a very nice cruise.


This Famous NP was different than we thought.
They also have a dry wet season this year, we only had to drive through water trice, 20 cm max.
The Rock Art sites were magical.


Nourlangie (has about a douzend names) is home to the most shown Aborigines art. Sheltered by overhangs an a huge cliff.


And for equal rights the male too.


Yellow Water Crise shows how much of the park look in this season (Gudjewg), wet:


However, driving through the park, the landscape for.about 300 km looks simply and unchanging like this:


I noticed nobody is on that pics. We are all still kickin’ and well.
On our way to Katherine.

One O’Crock oder man soll keine Wildtiere füttern IV

Spectacular Jumpiung Crocodile Cruise Adelaide River
Auf dem Weg.in den Kakadu, Jabiru.
Krokodile sind ein muss, speziell Salties.
Die Kleinen sind ganz schön mutig geworden.





Die Dinger sind schon eindrücklich.
Weil in der Regenzeit nur sehr wenige Touristen unterwegs sind (ist wohl auch eine komische Idee) waren wir im kleinen Boot unterwegs, da sitzt man schon wirklich nahe bei den Viechern.

Lena : “D’ Schua sind z’chlii, dä Dume von Fuäss luägäd usä.”

PS: sind jetzt in Jabiru am Pool, Telstra Internet per Phone 1a

Coral Bay – End of WA

Kein Blog ist vollständig ohne anständigen Sonnenuntergang



Damit geht WA für uns zu ende. Morgen 9.2. geht es nach Perth und am 10.2 nach Darwin. Danach ist noch nichts gebucht.
Sind fleissig am planen. Klima, Einreisebestimmungen (EDA ist absolut keine Hilfe), Malariagebiete etc.. Schwer alles unter einen Hut zu bringen.

Apropos, wer nicht glaubt wie heiss es hier ist.
Einfach mal kurz an der Sonne gelegen: