Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We flew AirAsia from the Kuala Lumpur LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). An experience. Luggage gained only 1 kg in Kuala Lumpur.


Huge, very busy, somewhat complicated but eveything went smooth. The most special thing is that the gate T4 is basically just a door to the open airport. On has then to follow signs to the actual airplane, the BAY. Everyone was jostling.
People from different flights arriving/departing freely mixed.


Anyway, savely arrived in Phnom Penh (watch the H).
Immigration was not as described in wikivoyage.

It is 40 Degrees here and staying but we are not afraid anymore.

First impression, Cool traffic lights:


I remember that a few years ago such a system was discussed in Zürich but not installed.
Hotel is cool, welcome drink during check-in. I also already have 5 GB internet @ 5$.

Somehow this is the first land where we do not feel like “there is a flight we have to catch sometime”.

Looking forward…


KLCC Livefeed / PS

From Kuala Lumpur City Center Live


PS: at the moment we are in the Airasia Plane at the Field F52. From the gate one has to find the plane first. People leaving and boarding all at the same place seemingly chaotic. But somehow everybody finds the way out/in.

We made a visit to the petronas twin towers and yesterday the first time we took one of those hop-on hop-off buses, that took the entire day. Visited a handy craft museum/shop and …
have to stop now, mobile switch off

Quallä Lumpä

Arrived in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The FIRST country that did not ask those stupid questions about : place of birth, date passport was issued, adress here, adress abroad, date of birth, date and place where virginity was lost, etc.
The only thing they asked, let me think, well absolutely nothing.

Petronas Towers from Hotel


Buchstabenspiel, zum zufällig gewählten Buchstaben muss
– Lena irgend ein Wort (beginnend mit diesem Buchstaben)
– Ada eine Tier
– Astrid eine Hauptstadt oder Land
– Thomas ein Fluss
Lena : “S wie Sebra” (ratet mal)

Ada + Lena spielen modernes verchoiverlis; Lena :  “Ich tät das jetzt mit dä Kreditchartä zalä, OK?”
Etwas später : “das sind zwai Dollar”