Singapore Tschüss

Gestern waren wir im Marché, sieht genau aus wie Heidiland.
Haben wirklich guten internationalen Food hier 🙂
Die Kinder hatten Bratwurst.
Im WC war ein Panorama Nordend – Lysskamm – Breithorn vom Gornergrat aus.
Ada wollte gleich nach Hause.

Skytrain im Flughafen


Next stop Philippinen, Cebu wo wir Andre treffen, dem Bruder von Urs Brotzer.


Sleeping Beauty

What to do with the kiddies in Singapore?
Haven’t been in a zoo for a while.
Singapore Zoo really is a great. Because they are in the tropics they also can have lots of animals at low cost that zoos elsewhere can only keep indoors.
Many of these animals I never saw before.
The great panda was somewhat strange. It cost extra and an appointment was needed.
The cashier said: you might only see 1 of them today (might=for sure).
Right at the entrance the guides said: she might be in her bin, but don’t worry you can see here on a monitor then. I was sure this also means, no way we goona see the real thing. But there she was. Barely moving. We thought she might not be for real, but they wouldn’t go that far I suppose (just kidding, I am sure she lived).

Where heard Singapore is really clean. Not a spot. Great exaggeration. While Bali really had very dirty spot, Singapore is much cleaner, but still a lot of rubbish lays on the streets.

Next day we went to Marina Bay Sands. You must look here to see what it is:
The Garden and pool is just for guests.

Used the MRT (Metro) to get there. Works well but is very expensive. The kids had both to pay full are!
Here is why:
90 cm go free, higher=full fare, Unfair. Asian kids are much smaller at that age.

Then Orchard Road. Some say Singapore is the only mall with a seat in the UN.


Checked into a Hostel.
Have an entire 6 person bunkbed no frills (like bathroom, window, chair) room for us. But it is clean, has a patio and recreation room with 100 DVDs. Free good internet. And walking distance to butter chicken.

Strange indeed: we pay 100 CHF night. The cheapest “real” Hotel is CHF 250. Nothing in between. The Hotels Internet would have been 40 $. In such cases you know they are crooks.

No good pic yet. But read the sign. Grandparents: find the kids. Easy this time.