Checked into a Hostel.
Have an entire 6 person bunkbed no frills (like bathroom, window, chair) room for us. But it is clean, has a patio and recreation room with 100 DVDs. Free good internet. And walking distance to butter chicken.

Strange indeed: we pay 100 CHF night. The cheapest “real” Hotel is CHF 250. Nothing in between. The Hotels Internet would have been 40 $. In such cases you know they are crooks.

No good pic yet. But read the sign. Grandparents: find the kids. Easy this time.



2 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Zürich hatte auch mal einen Bunker!!! (Amtshaus lll) Falls Ihr bei Gusti und Arlett vorbei kommt Grüsse von uns! Sind die Kinder für die Schule angemeldet? Bei uns wird es Frühling!

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