Golfclubs vs. Kids Scissors / Goodbuy Bali

(PS:in Singapore now)
Just saw in TV: The US now allows Golfclubs as Cabin Baggage. I guess some politicans got annoided they couldn’t make their weekend golf excursion without checked luggage. We just got rid of our toy scissors here at the airport. Good priorities.

We made a mistake with the ordering of a taxi to the airport. So we were already somewhat confused at that time and missed the mandatory final hotel room check for the first time. 15 minutes to the airport we noticed the big camera is missing and returned. Seldom was so nervous. Made it. Phuuuu. Uom.

Currently filling imigration forms, 4 of them. By now I know the bithdates, passport number and expiry date of all family members. On the flight to Singapore. We’ll stay for 4 days and then fly to Cebu, Philippines.
I need onward travel prove (stupid as can be), so I booked the cheapest flight to anywhere possible. This happens to be Clerk (on Luzon N of Manila) to Taipei. 180 CHF for all of us. So we might end up in Taiwan or may expand our stay in the Philippines and fly to Kuala Lumpur.

We travelled from Lovina to Ubud, 1 Night and then back to Benoa same Hotel for a rest day (I actally worked the entire day, hotel, mails, flights, maintenance, pics)
Saw many nice places.
Best of.
Gitgit waterfall


A dance performance with 7 different dances


And the moon of Bali/Pejeng
(Wiki : Here should be the link but forgot to synchronize ticker).
Nobody understood, when I wanted to see the “bronze drum”. They belive it to be the moon that fell from the sky (actally the weel of the chariot with the moon on it).
The biggest bronze age relict in SE Asia. No Tourists there. The thing really is worshipped. We could barely see it. For pics go to wikipedia.


There on top the black thingy.


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