Nitmiluk Gorge I & II

Katherine River, Nitmiluk Gorge “Ninit Dreaming 2 George Cruise” 9:00

We had the vessel for ourselves. Between Gorge 1 and 2 we had to change the boat.
Did I mention, the wet season is late that year, the water level is some meters below normal wet high (normally the boat just drives through).
Our own vessel & guide:

Pictures cannot really capture the beauty or I would have to post an entire album. One of these days I have to find a decent way to add movies. (main problem: I have only 500 M of traffic for a month. That is barely enough for 5 minutes footage).
Anway, gorge 2:


From the pictures we saw we were not impressed and not sure if we should go here. It really is a very nice cruise.


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