Farewell Australia

We had to say goodbuy to our cooler (had to persuade Astrid)


sent a record 14.6 kg package but …
still have 3 checked bagagges and 5 handluggage.
After 4 times sending stuff home. This miracle deepens.


The trip here in Darwin was 1350 km. I never blogged about Litchfield NP and the misterious vanishing of the magnetic termite mounds and how Astrid found them.
Soon it is time to tell the censored story and another untold one about the car in Albany.

Farewell to all the nice people we met.
Goodbuy Australia

Now we are heading to Bali and then via Singapore to Cebu on the Philippines, see Ticker for details.

Currently after national but before international security. That opens only for the flight itself. Not big here.


4 thoughts on “Farewell Australia

  1. Hallo ihr vier
    Australien sagt good bye und wir wuenschen Euch weiterhin eine gute Reise. Wir werden Euch weiterhin elektronisch begleiten.
    Viele Gruesse von den Koalabaeren

  2. Für wen ist das Paket bestimmt? Astrid musst nicht traurig sein, jemand hat auch Freude daran!
    In unserem Keller wartet eine andere auf Dich H.+M.

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