Yes, we are still in Luang Prabang.
After my three girls, one after each other,  I got sick too. Just when I thought I was spared. Now almost recovered. We finally got to do some stuff.

Kuang Si Falls really is a marvel and we saw many waterfalls.


We all went swimming.
Searchpicture. Where is papa?


Also great are the fish nibbling at the dead skin on the feet.

Hint: black trunks.

We also have some ideas what do do next, just not how.
Travel times het re are long.


Luang Prabang or the Art of doing nothing

We are in Luang Prabang for a couple of days now and did nothing at all.
We first had a hotel somewhat outside of the town.
The room was good but they had no breakfast, not restaurant close by and no cycles or something to rent.
Very inconvenient. We had to change even though Astrid was sick.
Now we are in the middle of the historic district in a very nice hotel.
The even have free bicycles to take, so far we have not used them.
After Astrid Ada got sick and now it is Lena. Fever up to 39 degrees but not much beside. Takes about 2 days.
Ada however now also has a cough.
So we basically spend the day inside playing games, watching TV and occasionally even do some “work” like sorting pictures or writing blogs.
We like it here. Completely unlike the rest we saw in Asia.
Here the main road of the old town “Sakkaline Road” at 14:00

We are right beside a cloister. They change and wash their orange robe right below our window.

Some Monks are merely 8 years old, kids.
Ada : “wie mached d’Mönche Chind?” (how do monks make kids)
Papa : “wie di andarä lüüt au” (like all the other people). Probably not really what she asked.

Ada : “äs giit ganz vili Wörter mit B : Bonusstange …” (untranslatable)

The art of doing nothing?!
With sick kids we have not mastered that yet.


Arrived in the last country that was on our first list.

Laos seems to be a spelling mistake that stuck. Official  name, people and language are all just Lao.

What do we do after arriving?


Lao actually is my 50th country.
If I counted right.
Will celebrate once Astrid feels a little better.

First Lao impressions.
– No hotel rooms for families. Nobody with kids travelles here?
– Definitively much smaller than anything we did/saw in Asia