A dinosaur for breakfast

Traditionally I do a post immediately after flying.

The day started with a dinosaur.


Then we had to leave this child friendly place.

Again, I could not find a decent family room. Asia just is not child friendly money wise for hotels. The hotel we are in now wants 20$ for an additional bed. A scam.

Anyway, we took a taxi.
Then a catamaran speedboat. Astrid started to look pale. It really was a scary ride.

I have a video, the pic here does not really look scary, I know.

We were 30 minutes behind schedule. Given that there were only 25 minutes planned to board the plane it did not look good.
The bus started fast and we were only 15 late at the airport. And loo and behold, checkin, 2 security checks and boarding can be done in 10 minutes.

Now Back in Bangkok.

Note: a flight to Ko Samui is about double the price compared to our speedboat-bus-flight combo with nokair.

A strange thing. Rather than getting used to it Astrid gets rather more afraid from flying. And I am as nervous as ever.

Astrid : “they even had food!”
Tom : “what food?” (they had a kind of cold mini hot dog, below the level I consider edible)
Besides that, nokair was good.


1 thought on “A dinosaur for breakfast

  1. Hier ist es jetzt heiss. Wir waren in Obersaxen viele Grüsse von allen. auch dort kann man jetzt baden und schnorcheln. Die Beerenernte ist leider vorbei, dafür kommen bald die Zwetschgen und Ada und Lena können statt schnorcheln Kartoffel ausgraben. Grüsse Madeleine und Heiri

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