Salad : a children’s paradise

This post has nothing to do with Salad.
Rather with Salad Beach Resort.

We left Power Beach Resort, conveniently a stranded puffer fish gave me the right picture to describe it:
Bloated. These things are big.

We moved to Haad Salad, still on Koh Phangan into the Salad Beach Resort.
A place full of kids and we have nothing to complain about (with the exception of WiFi).
Basically everything is better, the room much superior and yet, including breakfast here, only half the price.
The beach is good and we can go snorkeling directly form the beach. Visibility is limited though.

We went onto a diving/snorkeling trip to the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Well, the tip was mostly for the divers and snorkeling was somewhat difficult with the kids, the water deep and waves. Should have taken a local “snorkeling only” tip instead. But Lena nonetheless now figured out how to see all the fish we were talking about. She does not use a snorkel yet, but till stays below the surface for about 80% of the time.

We do nothing most of the time. That is also why I do not have the time to write the blog or catch up with other work. If you do nothing you do not have the time to do anything.

Now, the ticker is complete concerning the travel. Back in Switzerland, Zürich Airport 26.07, 19:00.
Why that date? Well, if someone asks how long our trip was, we can say: “More than a year”.

Astrid am Pool : “ahhh, da chönt ich jetzt no füüf tag bliibe, ändlich chan ich mich erholä.”
Thomas teasing : “miir sind jetzt 11 Monat fuurt …”
Astrid : “das sind kai feriä gsi …”

[Astrid: I could stay another 5 days, I can finally relax]
[Tom, teasing: but we are “away from it” now for 11 Month]
[Astrid: that was not a vacation]

If you excuse me now, got nothing to do.


3 thoughts on “Salad : a children’s paradise

  1. Gnüssets eifach no, d’Astrid hät rächt. S’Läbe B fangt früe gnueg wider a! Und dänn ab öppe 65i wider. Aber i chlinere Teilstück chammer so öppis immer widerhole. Und glehrt händ Ihr – und bsunders au dChind – sicher en Hufe! Vor allem über dMänsche! Gueti Heireis via Muscat. Da isch au schön und warm.

  2. Chöi ar Astrid ire Kommentar vou verstoh und – sie het rächt!;-) Und, wie isch s’Feeling im Hiiblick ufs heicho? Fröid oder Wehmuet? Gniesset dr Räschte no, vorauem ou s’Erhole und s’ “doing nothing”!

    Gruess us dr momentan würklech troumhaft summerleche Schwiz
    Fränzi u Christoph

    • wir freuen uns aufs Heimkommen. Luft ist schon ziemlich draussen. Thailand scheint auch nicht zu unserem Lieblingsland zu werden. Wehmut wird sich wohl in der CH einstellen. Auch etwas unsicher, habe ja keinen Job. c-u

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