Bangkok Shopping

Sorry guys, I am so tired after a full day shopping, no energy for a decent blog.
A search pic instead from one of the malls, China Land or so. Count the number of caucasians on the picture.


Now some trivia. The comodo dragon is the biggest lizard in the world and people spend a lot of money to see them in the wild.
Where can you see the second biggest lizards in the world and people do not even notice them and the “advaced tourism” industry does not advise them?
Bangkok? You bet. We saw about 7 of those monitor water lizards and they were huge. The biggest about 2.5 m / 50 kg. When I fist saw one crawling out of a sewer pipe I briefly though the urban legend about crocodiles living there were true. The other tourist longboats just rushed by to see some 08-15 fishfarms.


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