We arrived at around 12:00 and wanted to visit 3 of the 7 tombs of the Nguyen emperors (they are about 20 km apart), for this we rented a taxi. We managed to do 2 in the end: the Tomb of Tu Duc [he had 103 – 105 wives (difficiult to keep track) but no heir. A bummer. Now you managed to become super-alpha-male but then you are infertile.  Bad luck.]  The Tomb of Khai Dinh, very different, from 1925.  The Tomb of Minh Mang was then already closed. These things are huge, some rather small cities then just a tomb.
No pic, it was toooo hot.
Talked to and afroenglish women that we saw already 3 times. She really is easily spotted here, more looked at then our blondies.

Today the Imperial Citadel (Đại Nội). Even hotter, some 37 degrees.




Now Late checkout for the sleeper train to Hanoi at 20:00. Our first train.
Hardsleeper (softsleeper were booked):


1 thought on “Hue

  1. Immerhin habt Ihr Betten es sieht immer noch komfortabel aus wünschen guten Schlaf. Andreas und Regina sind in Obersaxen (Eigentümerversammlung) Wir harren in der feuchten Kälte und warten auf den Sommer!!! Vielleicht kommt er mit Euch zurück!

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