Hà Nội

Night sleeper train was OK.
Not as suicidal as Saigon but still very busy.

We will go to Halong Bay (007 Golden Gun) and then another 2 days in Hanoi.
After a long struggle and investigations how to go to Lao we had 4 options
– Go N to Sapa and cross in the far north
– 24 h Bus to Vientiane
– 24 h Bus to Vientian but leave somewhere (Bak Sao) and make the rest in public buses
– Fly to Luang Prabang
In the end my rather low level of energy tipped the scale in favor of flying.
Luang Prabang also seems to be a place where we can rest a few days.

The guy in the middle holds a electric plug as a symbol for the electrification of Vietnam. What else?

Women here are afraid of getting a tan. You can see them in Sweaters in the hottest weather.
The masks should not only ward off pollution but also keep the face white.

We like the lake just 5 minutes walk from our hotel which is located in the old town.

Flashback Hue Imperial Citadel (Đại Nội):

Flashback Hoi An:
Astrid ordered Springrolls. They looked very “different” when they arrive.

Astrid : “Das sind kai Früeligsrollä” [these are no springrolls]
Waitress : “local speciality, take the ricepaper (visible bottom of pic) and roll yourself”
Lena, like a teacher : “Mami, miir sind da immä nä anderä land!” [mama, we are not in Kansas anymore]


2 thoughts on “Hà Nội

  1. Hi worldbummler

    so interesting to see where you’re going:) we are still in australia. just like this country. but our visa runs out. so we will take a flight to singapore at the beginning of july and travelling overland to thailand.

    It looks like you have a good time. Enjoy your rest of your travels.

    p.s.: these are the best springrolls ever!!! 😀

    liebe grüsse von uns!
    anja und dave

    • still Australia? Wow, your search for sponsors must have been a success. We may end up in Thailand as well, in about 3 weeks. Check my Ticker, we can maybe meet.

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