Hoi An / My Son

[Hoi Än] / [Mi son]
Hoi An is an UNESCO etc. thing. Indeed very neat, however it became very touristy. In every building is a tailor or restaurant. Do not know how they all survive.
My Son (also UNESCO) is about 50 km distance.
Old Cham place, same time as Ankor but they were enemies.





Lots of buildings destroyed by bombing.
Guide was anoyed with us: we knew all answers to his questions, even the kids new the name of the holy snake around Shivas neck.
On the way back to Hoi An on a boat.


And finally Hoi An, no good pics yet on Mobile.


Now big planning session. How to get to Lao (have to leave VN 24.05) and what to do there (big problem because tubing is now forbidden). And where to go from there.

Lena hat 3 grosse Mückenstiche am Rücken.
Mama : “fu wo sind diä?”
Lena : “Diä han i sid dä schwiiz”


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