From Stonehenge to Babylon

As very few people know an exact dublicate of Stonehenge has recenty been found on the exact opposit side of the globe



And in Lucky Bay, Cap Le Grand Nat Park, the tower of Babylon exists in 5 (!) versions

Barbara has the biggest by 3 cm.
She used seaweed reinforcement and it has not been decided yet, if the rulebooks do allow that.

Luky bay definitively belongs to the best beaches in the world. The sand has “retina” quality. I cannot see the individual grains of sand anymore. Just awesome. And officially the whitest. And almost forgot to mention: wild Kangaroo at the beach.



4 thoughts on “From Stonehenge to Babylon

  1. Hallo Astrid! Deine Eltern haben mir angerufen,sie sind ein wenig beunruhigt wegen den Waldbränden. Ich habe Sie beschwichtigt dass es bei euch nicht so gefährlich ist weil das Meer in der Nähe ist. Melde Dich gelegentlich bei deinen Eltern.

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