Plain of Jars

Arrived in Phonsavan.
We survived this long trip quite well. Back on the main tourist track.
Even found a hotel where one can go to the toilet without getting wet feet.

The main attraction in whole north Lao is the Plain of Jars.
Truly marvelous. We visited the Site 1, 2 and 3. There are over 90 sites, but some have but 1 jar.
For 2 month now we believed that the plain of jar is, well a plain with jars.
That is not the case. Most sites are on top of small hills or in the case of site 3 on a ridge. The entire region is not really a plain. Compared to the rest of Lao it is a plain, about as hilly as for instance Appenzell.

Nobody knows for sure what they were made for.
We were surprised on the variety of style and forms they have.
They are cylindrical, round, almost cubic, conical, irregular; they have a rim, no rim, inside rim, outside rim; are rather raw on the inside or smooth, thick walled, thin walled, almost hollow, just a fraction hollowed; have round, elliptical, square or rectangular (up to 1:2) openings; are made of sandstone, granite, conglomerate, limestone and breccia; are very big or rather small. The smallest were stolen.

Very few have lids but none were found in place.

Site 1:

Site 2:DSC_5269_Plain_of_Jars_2_Vat_Sensou_Kharam

The only lid with a carving we found.

Site 3:
A search picture.
Find Astrid, Ada, Lena, Thomas, Phong (the driver) and 45 jars.

And now for something completely different.
We saw the following picture in and Indian restaurant here.
Where is it? Please comment. But no speculation 😉


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