Kamputschea – Mekong – Vietnam

Following and old tradition we tried to reduce our luggage by sending home some stuff. 15 kg, new record.


The total amount sent home is about 50 kg and we still have substantial luggage left. But it is now greatly reduced.

And now a challenge. What is the package that has the maximum Volume matching this criteria:

Astrid found a better solution then I did.

We then embarked on a ship to Vietnam down the mighty Mekong. Here the promise
and what we got

Mekong, bye bye Phnom Penh

Finally in Vietnam, Chau Doc

bye now, have to brush the kids teeth.


3 thoughts on “Kamputschea – Mekong – Vietnam

    • auf das Bild klicken, damit es grösser wird. Dann allenfalls mir der Ctrl-Taste und dem Mausrad weiter vergrössern. Dann sieht man die Adresse 😉

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