Tonle Sap Lake or Traffic Jam of another kind

Tonle Sap Lake is the biggest Lake in this part of the world 30% the size of Switzerland. In the rainy season. Now probably not much left. Anyway, we took a boattour. There are virtually 100s of these boats driving up and down a narrow channel just knee deep. Worse than rush hour in Kuala Lupur. Some drivers are young boys. Bumping is normal procedure.

Not sure, if we ever gonna make it to the lake. Or back. Might be last post. At least one cannot drown.

Lenas Kommentar : “wieso mached si nöd meh wassär ine?” (why do they not pour more water in)

we made it to the lake (and back). The floating village was indeed a strange/puzzeling/??? view.

We docked unto one of the houses to see the “fish farm” -> some catfish 3×3 m pond and the “crocodile farm” even smaller. Ridiculous.
Should have read trip adviser.

There also a scam on the same tour is described. You can visit an orphenage but should bring a bag of rice that you can conveniently buy at a shop for a mere 60$. Even in Switzerland you can get one for 15$ I guess. The bag then makes it back to the store for resale and on and on (this was not tried on us, but the boat driver asked for 10$ “for study”).
Astrid yelled at the operators manager who took it like a (very small) man and only said “no refund”.


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