Angkor Hot

This posts beginning is some 40 years ago.
My parents had a book titled “Angkor Wat” and it had beautiful colored pictures in it. One of those books that you could get for a good price if you had collected some coupons and the pictures had to be added manually (Silva Buch). Kind of Ikea of books, just easier to assemble. Anyway, always wanted to go there and here we are.
Siem Reap is the Town close by. Ankor Wat is actually just one of the temples but by far the biggest and best preserved.
According to “the largest religious monument in the world”. Do not ask me how this is measured.
So there we were, 7:30 in the morning, the small Tour (The big tour does different temples somewhat further away).
Tuc Tuc and English Guide ready. On Cambodia New Years Day. The opposite of Switzerland, where you have to ski slopes for yourself on New Years Day (other people have hang overs), here in Cambodia everybody is still celebrating. Actually New Year day is just the first of 3 days where everybody has vacation. So we had lots and lots of people. Thailand has the same New Year and they flock to Angkor on that occasion.
So first Temple was “Bayon” the center of Ankor Thom.


Baphuon, somewhat older:
This is a search picture again, unintentionally. Hint: kids below 12 were not allowed because of the steep stairs.
That temple also had a 70 m sleeping buddha.
Have you found the kids? Our guide had to baby-sit them. Easy job that day.

Next was Phimeanakas, some nice walk, ponds, walls etc. and lunch.

Afternoon Ta Prohm (Jungle) Temple. That temple was also well preserved until Disney decided to use the temple as a set for Mogli.

And then finally Angkor Wat. It was up to 36 Degrees that day, I do not know how me managed to do almost the entire program. We were back in Town 18:00. After dinner Kids wanted to go to the swimming pool and were still full of energy. Mom and Dad where completely exhausted.

On the way through new years celebration, Astrid was impressed.

Angkor Wat:
The true size is very difficult to show with pictures. What you see here is just the top level, there are 3 levels. And even that top level is huge. Indeed one of the wonders of the world. We have a 3 day pass and will go there again.


1 thought on “Angkor Hot

  1. Die Kinder sitzen beim Eingang auf den Steinen. ( Ich sehe dass Du den Hut immer noch hast!)
    Hat Astrid einen Neuen ? Bei uns ist es endlich Frühling, euer Garten ist voller Unkraut (viel Arbeit)! Gruss von uns

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