No Kids allowed in Kids Hospital

For the following non Swiss readers must know who Beat Richner (Beatocello) is.
So here a link in case you wanna know

We arranged so that we can be in Siam Reap at a Saturday where he makes a fundraising event 19:15 for about 1 1/4 hours.
That is not too late nor too long for the kids.
The event has some Cello playing and and movies about their work, as someone put it “More lecture than concert”. The event is free or as they say here “admission through donation” by giving blood or money or both.

So we arrived there full of anticipation and were blocked by a french speaking guy “kids are not allowed, desolé”
He informed us that they had had some problems with kids moving around and crying.
There was not possibility to sit the back or leaving in case of problems or something like that. Just no way.
Just because some other people completely unrelated to us did not have their kids under control.
Anyway: how many people with kids do show up in Cambodia?

We felt completely frustrated. Not being allowed because some other people of the same group made problems in the past? On a fund raising event for Kids? It is not a classical concert or something.
Somehow this is crossing the line where my sense of just and right is awakened. Lets say it is not kids but an ethnic group from which some members made troubles some when. You do not allow then anymore. What would that be.
Anyway, quite some people arrived late and still were allowed to enter. That does not seem to disturb. Not to mention people who forget to switch of their mobiles.

Please comment this entry. Do you think I am overreacting? It is obviously sensitive to criticize something that has done so much good for kids in need.

Needless to say that the “no kids policy” is not mentioned nowhere. It would simply sound strange:
Dr. Beat Richner plays Bach on the cello and speaks about the activities of his five children’s hospitals. No children allowed.


3 thoughts on “No Kids allowed in Kids Hospital

  1. I know it’s too late, but send an according message to Beat Richner himself…it’s really awful! Grüessli nomal doris

    • we were told at the entrance by a obviously high ranking, probably french, that this is Richners personal request. Well, strange it was, but nothing we could not cope with 🙂

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