With Marlyn and Andre through Cebu and a severe security threat

Andre drove us securely through all of Cebu with Marlyn as Guide


Always a sure bet with kids, balloons
These balloons however were the source of trouble, see later (patience)

I am not even trying to explain what we saw, because the beauty of this trip trough Cebu where the many big and smaller things one normally does not see. Of course, the must see “Magellan cross” was also part of it. The explanations how the city works, who owns what and how everything is connected where marvelous.

At lunch we had a wide variety of local dishes and we liked every one of them.

Thanks a lot.

[only regret: we some managed not to make pictures of Jadine and Joe]

Ah yes. The security threat.
Our Hotel is 4th floor and above. We have to go trough a Mall to enter our Hotel. Like in all malls here there is security at the entrance, with gun and visible ammunition. (Tried to make a picture but “it’s forbidden”).
He would not let the kids pass through with their balloons! So I made them both cry and he let us pass. Ok, that is a lie. We just had to explain that we go to the Hotel, that was enough.


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