Bohol, Panglao

We are at a relatively small island at the south tip of Bohol, called Panglao.
Close to Alona Beach our Resort Olivia ( is rather on the posh side.
We are staying here for a couple of days to relax from travelling.
Relaxing does only mean no travelling, there is still a lot of work to do.
– sorting pictures (back to Australia)
– planning the rest of the stay in the Philippines
– planning the Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao part
– diary
– Tons of E-Mails
– Ada going to school (some questions left)
Philippines is still an open issue. We have to leave latest 30.03. We could prolong by getting a visa. (Strangely the visa is expensive, overstaying penalty would be cheaper).
However, Eastern Sunday is 31.03.2013 an School vacation is after 24.03. An as in all good catholic countries the week before Eastern is very busy. Meaning: no accommodation at the beach after 24.03, and all flights are expensive around Eastern.
But enough complaining.
We can walk here in about 15 minutes:
To go back we take a tricycle for 1.15 $ (after negotiation).


1 thought on “Bohol, Panglao

  1. Hallo. Ferien vom Reisen ist doch eine gute Idee. Unsere gehen morgen zu Ende, dann fahren wir mit dem Nachtzug nach Bangkok. Geniesst euren Urlaub in vollen Zügen! Liebe Grüsse, Markus, Alexandra, Lars & Sarina

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