Farewell / The Tilley Hat and other miracles

Today we had to say goodby to my parents and of course everybody was sad. We hope they have a good flight.
Greetings and much thanks to all giver of presents. The kids were surprised on how much presents found their way to australia.


So far we have sent two parcels 8 and 9 kilos back home and just gave 7 kilos to my poor parents (panicking because of weight limit). Yet we have more lugagge than we started with. A miracle.

The Tilley Hat (insured) is the one thing I am loosing. But only when there is a chance of getting it back. In Rarotonga I lost it in the bus and could get it back 7 days later. In Perth I lost it in our first hotel, now I got it back..
Insured? You bet

Now we are on the road again with a rental car (pic above background). Australia SW of WA, next is Wave Rocks.


1 thought on “Farewell / The Tilley Hat and other miracles

  1. Wir sind wieder zuhause, Die Koffer sind leer das 3. Zimmer voller Erinnerungen an die Zeit mit Euch. Es wahr schön mit euch Weihnachten zu feiern. Und die interessanten Ausflüge die wir zusammen gemacht haben, ist eine schöne Erinnerung. Wir vermissen die fröhlichen Kinder.

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