Named after a word I first heard from Andreas Nothiger. This page countains curiosities and stuff that is the most idiotic as per country or just plain against common sense. Whilst in the normal blog there is not much negative vibe, this is definitively different here.

All countries

Airplane booking and boarding. Strange things are going on here, not only us (see LA stories) but stories from other peoples. You cannot board if the carrier senses the slightest chance they might be responsible for having to send you back. I was even asked at Zürich Airport for a forward ticket on our flight to Canada! Makes travelling just much more complicated. Probably quantas refundable tickets are the solution. Still not sure if I got all money back and terms are different depending on from where to where. You might end up with no money or all….

Probably ask the travel agencies for an imaginative schedule around the world might help.


Plumbing. Almost impossible to have a decent shower. You cannot set temperature and water flow independently. Strange, that engineering problem is long solved in other countries. Even more strange: In some fancy Swiss designer restaurants they reintroduced this stupid concept.

4-Way STOP. All 4 directions have a stop sign, quite often. Not good or bad, just stange.

Vancouver; no map for public transportation. There are a lot of public buses, but how to get from A to B? Unbeliveable. Even strager, they once had, created by Andreas (see Vancouver posts) but failed to see the importace.

Cook Islands

On the maps the loop around the island (32 km) is nicely marked. “Your Hotel is at km 10” for instance. But on the road there are no markers. In Canada the “La Mauricie Parc national” had precisely such a system, very neat.

Departure Tax. There is a high departure tax 80$/p before you can board the plain. But there is also a fear that they have to repatriate you in case you run out of money. A forward travel prove is required. What if you miss your plane because you have no money left for departure tax? They would need to find funds to send you back to your home country. Besides: it is
the tourists last impression of the country.
New Zealand

There is always only one kids that can stay with the parents for free in one room (also applies for AU). Also even on campgrounds you have to pay for the kids, sometime if older then 2 years. Also trip operators/entrence fee charge heavily for kids. You have to pay even if the kid will not understand a single word.

Locks. For some locks the keys are asymmetrical but you still can enter them both ways!  But only one way will work. At the camper van there are a total of 4 ways to enter the key and turn. You cannot even see which way is correct (clock- or counterclock wise). Might have to add a pic for clarification.

Age limit for liquor. It seems you are entitled to buy booze if over 18. But the signs all say: “you must prove your age if you look younger then 25, do not be offended”.
I wonder if people are offended if the are 27 and have to prove that they are older then 18 (and look younger then 25)? Probably the have to increase the security limit. “If you are older then 30 you must ……”. This could go on and on with time. “If you are not dead you must prove your age”.
Here the solution: 25 is the magical age for women. If older they are flattered when someone asks!

Pharmacies waiting time AFTER they take your prescription is 10 minutes, even if there are no other customers. What they do I do not know.



Hot Countries (including Australia)
No double glass windows. In the toilet there often is an open window with just a screen. If AC is running you can see the meter spinning like crazy.
The only house with something like double window was in Siem Reap and it was against noise.

The are so many crazy things here, but most are commonly known and I do not repeate them here.

Duong (Đường) simply means street. In HCM the Duong was written very big but the streetname almost too small to read. Did not take pic there

This document shall be considered as Receipt Confirmation only when the company has duly received in full the money
as detail above mentioned.

I do not really know what this is supposed to mean.


1 thought on “Idiocracy

  1. Gute Idee mit der Idiocracy! Vielleicht solltest du nach der Weltreise einen Globetrotter-Travelservice spezialisiert auf “Familienreisen” anbieten – du bist mit deiner Organisiererei bestimmt zum Fachmann avanciert!

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