The secret war and a hidden city

For nine years till 1973 a “secret war” waged in Lao.
Lao is actually the most bombed country (per capita) in the history of mankind.
History of Laos

Especially in the region we are in now the bombing was the worst and as ineffective as it was in Germany.

We did not stop in Sam Neua but went straight to Vieng Xai where the Pathet Lao Caves are.
Caves on wiki

In these caves the communist leadership and part of their army hid, up to 20000 people.
There was everything in these caves, from hospitals to cinemas.

Vieng Xai is a very neat village, we like it.

We had our guide and a very good audio device.

What can be visited are mostly the caves where the seven leaders lived and worked.
Here their main meeting room:

Audio Guides:

The caves are in a very neat environment.

Where the solders lived, also a small stage:

Into the heart of the mountain.

The caves were artificially enhanced. But in some parts even stalacsomething can be seen.
One of the interesting tidbit was the fact the bombers where often not given a specific target.
Just bomb where you see chicken and ducks they were told.
After they heard that from a captured pilot the people killed all animals with a bright color.

Tomorrow there will be a very long trip to Phonsavan. Sleep well.


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