Sai Gon

Saigon or HCMC Ho Chi Minh City.
Well, it is as chaotic as the guide book makes it.
Crossing a road is an experience of another kind and we are used to Asia by now.
Nobody is stopping at all, the only chance it to start walking an hoping the motorcycles really are going around you.
It is said the city has 8 Million inhabitants and 5 Million motorcycles.
We are also missing the TucTuc. The only thing below a taxi are motorcycle taxi and that is impractical with the kids and dangerous.

With our good luck for being at the right place at the right time we visited the reunification palace 30-April, the day Saigon Fell (or was liberated) at precisely that place. Tank 843 crashed through a gate of that palace which marks the end of the war.

So half of Vietnam was at that place too.
The place is now only used for tourists.

We also went to the basement, there is a large bunker.
Compare this (check sign on left!)
To this:
War-Room Doctor Strangelove
In case you do not know the scene, listen to the last words (spoken by the president of the USA).

Went onto a city tour to see all in one day, here the central post office. The kids wanted to do another search picture. Make it bigger before you search.
You have to find:
-Ada (easy)
-Astrid (easy)
-Lena (difficult, you can only see her hair)
-Uncle Ho (very difficult because in plain sight)

A must do in Saigon are the Cu Chi Tunnels, where there are over 220 km of underground tunnels system from the American (Vietnam) War. The system is explained one can see traps, other stuff and pass through one of the tunnels (enlarged for tourist). Lena could walk upright. They would not let me go in the smaller tunnels.

Ada in einem stylish Restaurant : “ich würd’ nöd schöön choche, sondern guat”

We then went to the Vietnam Water Puppet Show, very neat.
That is also where the following took place:
Lena : “warum händ di da Saili um de Chopf?” (why do they have ropes around their head?)
Here is what she saw:


1 thought on “Sai Gon

  1. Hey, cu chi looked interesting! My husband Phil, I (Neri), and our son (Inno) will have a trip to Vietnam and Laos this December 2013. What advises can you give us since you travelled there ahead of us. Thanks.

    Can you please post too, the pictures of your kids with my son on Cambo Boutique Hotel?
    Have a safe and exciting journey…

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