Phnom Penh / Bim Coiffeur bin i gsässe vor em Spiegel, luege dry

We are about to leave Phnom Penh for Siem Reap.
Time to reflect.
We like Cambodia.
Hard to believe we are already here 6 days! We did not do much so it seems to me.

Kings Palace. Lost Adas hat and got it back the day after.
Vietnam Embassy to get visas, took only a day to do them but 240$ is expensive and that was the cheapest version available.
Organisation, how to get around the country and how to leave it for Vietnam afterwards (on the Mekong).
Difficult here and cumbersome, one has to know what the real price is and then haggle.
Example: How to get to Siem Reap possibly with overnight in Kampong Thom
– Bus: 4×12$ to Kampong and again 4×12 to Siem (direct also is only 12$ even though double the distance)
– Ask in Hotel, the “found” taxi for 90$ to Kampong. To Siem with 3 h stop in Kampong 120$
– Ask the internet, best offer 95$
– Back in the hotel, ah you found taxi for 95$ and without hesitation “what about 100$”. I guess the guy would have earned himself 25$ or so.

Wat Phnom, at temple in the middle of the city on a hill
With a playground at the bottom, carousel blackout fail-save:

National Museum, very neat (no pictures allowed).
By the way: if someone every visits the National Museum go to Kabbas Restaurant #166, St. 13 close by and eat AMOK.

We are preparing another package and I guess it is 10 kg again.

And finally upon request from many readers I faced my fear. Sorry only understandable for Swiss German Readers:

Zuerst mal hier schauen:


1.25$ später:

Man beachte den Spiegel im Spiegel! Man kann sich vom Stuhl aus vorne und hinten gleichzeitig betrachten!
Ebenfalls genial sind gewisse Steckdosen hier wo man direkt etwa 4 unterschiedliche Systeme einstecken kann:


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