Opportunity seized!

The property adjoining our resort “Sea Turtle House” at Moalboal was for sale on a bargain.
Together with the owner of said resort we decided to invest in that land.
It is 3 ha with a road on the back side and the beach on the front, water and electricity available.
Here you see the resort and our new property just right of it. About right half of picture, starting from where I am standing with Lena.
We did not finally decide what to do with it.
Sea Turtle House may enlarge, in that case it is just an investment.
We may also decide to build a house there for renting out and occasional vacation in the Philippines and probably retirement (but that is still some years in the future).
Astrid was at first reluctant but after all it is “just” a high 5 digit CHF investment.

Our stay in the Philippines is nearing its end. Tomorrow will be our flight to Kuala Lumpur and 4 days later to Phnom Penh (another spelling problem)
Brotzer Family (Marlyn, Andre, Jadlin, Joe)


2 thoughts on “Opportunity seized!

  1. Das ist eine gute Nachricht! Versuche das Nachbargrundstück zu kaufen es kann auch in der nähe sein¨! So dass Du mich Pflegen kannst wenn ich noch älter bin.

    • 3 ha müsste gross genug sein. Hausangestellte kosten CHF 80 / Mt.
      Ihr könnt da mit Chauffeur, Koch, Zimmermädchen mit AHV wie die Könige leben und auf unser Grundstück aufpassen.

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